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the amount of pictures I would take if I had a hot body is unimaginable 

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So lucky I have this lil guy with me to calm me down during the pain episodes. When my face hurts too much, I just put it on Gus and he doesn’t mind.

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Having a black cat mostly means you can’t take pictures of it. It also means you’ll lose the cat in a closed room and just not see it. For a long period of time.

Sometimes he’s sleeping right next to me and I don’t see him. When he sits on the rug in the entryway I mistake him for a pair of shoes.

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I’m really a very happy, contented little person in spite of my broken heart.
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea (via wordsnquotes) ▴
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Me: I should read more french books

Me: doesn’t

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Sierra McKenzie

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I have a 102.7 fever oops my face hurts so much these pills aren’t working. Fuck trigeminal neuralgia. It’s such an ugly name for a condition?? It’s too ugly for me. And it hurts sfm fuck

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me = cool bisexual, good taste in music, bad at simple math
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levi / minbeaubook